Freitag, 13. März 2015

Buchvorstellung: I Have a Dream - Scent of Roses of Life

Dies ist die englische Ausgabe des im Jahr 2013 erschienen Lyrik-Bandes
"Rosenduft des Lebens" aus der Feder von Anna Roth.

I Have a Dream

Scent of Roses of Life

"Life’s Odor of Roses.

What is hiding behind life’s odor of roses? Does it really exist? Can it be experienced? Or is this classy lyric volume just about fancy imaginations and musings?
Anna Roth, author of “Love’s Odor of Roses“, is a true virtuoso in finding a nuanced balance between real life, or reality as it is, and the beautiful things in life, those we experience, hope for and never want to let go.

She makes a great effort to induce us into the world of joy, imagination and dreams but also leads us to overcome life, meaning, there is an invincible optimism, if we strongly believe in it.
Behind the curtain of figuring life in a positive manner, the attempt to also reflect believe and the christian philosophy and to embed these aspects into our very life, we will experience life as a whole.

Nothing remains masked. And it is life as a whole, passing between positive and negative, although the author remains anxious to anchor believe as a foundation or a bridge we have to cross, to give it a flavor so that it not only tastes well, but also stimulates the mind to create fantasies and dreams, which will awake us tenderly with life’s odor of roses.

A felicitous lyric volume which not only satisfies through a variety of different subjects, but also because of its profound notions."

Zauberhafte Lyrik illustriert mit wunderschönen Zeichnungen und Rosenbildern.
Frisch erschienen bei tredition Verlag Hamburg als Paperback (9,99 €), Hardcover (16,99 €) und in Kürze auch als eBook (5,99 €).

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